TechNiche makes the most advanced cooling technology available on the market. Combine this with the world of sport and you have world class performance.

We are global leaders in the development, design and manufacture of Evaporative and Phase Change Cooling products. Our cooling technology is used by top athletes from around the world and in a variety of sports.

We design our cooling apparel based upon proven sports science and elite athlete feedback. We believe in working with the best. It’s what drives us to produce the ultimate in cooling products and apparel for athletes.

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The popular technologies used in this market are HyperKewl™, CoolPax™ and our Hybrid vests. These can be seen used in various sporting disciplines pre, post and during sporting activity.

Athletes from around the world and from a variety of sports use our cooling technologies to improve performance and comfort. Some of these world class athletes include Iron Man champion Frederik Van Lierde, PSV Eindhoven Football Club, the Ferrari F1 Team and the TREK Cycling Team. To find out more about our cooling apparel then visit our Technology Range page or make a trade enquiry using the button below

  • Lowers your heart rate
  • Lowers your skin temperature
  • Improves your thermal comfort
  • Speeds up your recovery time
  • Helps you combat heat stress
  • Helps manage your core body temperature
  • Improves your performance
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